d48ed900e79fa9547169c26138b4cd8d_LWith the backdrop of a stunning sunrise on a beautiful sunny frosty morning in December, I am pacing down the canal to catch the 87 local bus to Bratton, the first of my White Horse visits.

Decamped at the sign for Bratton Camp, I easily find my way onto the footpath up the hill – very soon the friendly looking Westbury horse comes into view. At a distance he is blurred, much of the grass or mud covering what is now a concrete surface. As I approach his shapely outline becomes clear and striking.

Walking along the ridge admiring the view, I almost accidentally come across a pile of ash. I look closer, there is a piece of slate lying next to it.

On one side in white it is inscribed daughter, and turning it over on the other side is inscribed Mum. A fresh cremation, in exactly the spot that I also stand to admire the horse.

As I continue onto the earthworks mound to see the horse close up, I notice that lots of yellow roses have been carefully placed in the grass by its side. I can only guess that these two things are connected.

Looking out over the vast landscape in front of me, I think about how one day, any day we will all just be piles of ash in the landscape, come to rest.

The rolling undulating hills leading down to the plains are a warm place to be, and it is a stark contrast once I

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turn up the hill and begin to follow

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the Ridgeway, which at this point is also along the Imber Range.

The Imber Range runs along the border of the military firing range, and for most of the rest of the day, I come across signs warning me against entry, and strange coded signals that presumably relate to the activities these men are busy with in this vast expanse of the Salisbury Plains. I was tempted to head back down but once on the track I appreciate the vast horizons of the plains and hills all around.

It is arduous walking along tracks and concrete, broken up by little look out huts and tanks passing by. There is much to think about – about different ways of being and relating to the land, and who it belongs to, and what dictates

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the choices that are made as to its use.

After the final sign warning me not to go over the track in case I explode, I turn my back on the army range with some relief.

I come back down to the pretty Wiltshire Village of Urchfont with mums picking up their children from the school next door to the Manor house and weave my way through this niceness to seek out the next footpath.

I circum navigate an extremely large farmhouse in the making, with lots more foreboding signs about sticking to the footpath, keep away from the horses, and finally find the railtrack – that I have to cross.

Now here finally is an instruction that seems to make some sense, listen before crossing – and in reality this is the first time I feel in danger – running across a high speed rail track – those bollywood movies and many more come into mind, and I am genuinely relieved to get to the other side.

Meandering back to Devizes I reflect on the intensity of one day’s walking, how many worlds exist in such close proximity, and what signs we choose to leave behind.

Good night Mum, enjoy your eternal rest, in peace, lying in a field of yellow roses alongside your white horse.